Please note: product images in the Outlet store are illustrative, and do not display the potential imperfections the delivered item may have.

Our outlet store features a range of Studio Haran lights that may not meet our usual high standards, but their minor imperfections won’t stop them looking great in your home. By purchasing from our seconds outlet, you can own a piece of quality handmade lighting for less, whilst helping us to reduce our waste.

We’ll update our outlet stock as and when we have them, so keep an eye on our Outlet store.

Just like our main shop, all of our outlet stock is sold as a complete set. You’ll get all the necessary mounting hardware, cables, ceiling rose, and lampholder. The only difference is the handmade components may have imperfections.

Dispatch times for our outlet stock is 1-2 weeks.

Read on to find out more about our process, and the imperfections that items in our outlet may have.

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While we can control the ingredients, the firing temperature, and the firing time of our glazes, there will always be natural variations in this process. Glazes in our seconds outlet may be a slightly different colour or texture, or they may have bubbles or inconsistencies in the finish.

If you need your lights to match, we recommend ordering from our main store.


Ceramic Shades

Slip casting involves pouring a liquid clay (known as 'slip') into a mould, this is then allowed to dry before being fired. Occasionally the slip will dry unevenly and pull away from the side of the mould at different rates, leading to a slightly misshapen ceramic shade - rather than the perfectly round shape we aim for. 

Wooden Components

We make every effort to select the most beautiful pieces of oak, but occasionally our components will have knots, burrs or unusual grain patterns. 


While we only send pieces that we’d be proud to hang in our own homes, products from our seconds outlet are purchased on the understanding that they will have imperfections similar to those listed above.  We’re unable to provide images of your specific item, and we’re unable to offer refunds on goods purchased from our outlet (with the exception of them being faulty).

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